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We are always interested in hearing from the families that we serve.  Please take a moment to let us know how well we served you in your time of need. We very much appreciate your feedback.

Mr. Ventnor and Leslie Wright and staff,
The viewing for Stanley Alston was awesome. He just looked like he was sleeping. I am so very grateful for the Wright Funeral Home, it is truly a blessing to the community. Your professionalism, attention to detail and the art of caring is exceptional. "It's not enough to care, you must care enough." God Bless You!!

Diane Hubbard
April 12, 2024

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wright and your staff,
We never know who we will run into throughout our lives and for what reason. After losing my youngest daughter a few days ago, I know why. Because you all were a God sent. You treated my family, like we were your family and it made sending my daughter off to Heaven bearable. Everything was so beautiful and your patience, and dedication to detail was impeccable. Moreover, as long as I live I will cherish all of you...

Amanda Buchanan Winkey
February 29, 2024

Mr. & Mrs. Wright & Staff,
Thank you all so much for ALL YOU DO for us! We value you guys so much, you are a great blessing to our community! You are very gracious in all you do in our family’s Homegoing Services. Don’t know how you do it. Continued Blessings for Your Health, Strength, Endurance and Prosperity!
Sincerely ❤️
S & Jacks family

Stephanie Jacks
December 23, 2023

Wright provided excellent services on behalf of my Aunt Jackie.

The Jackie Tucker family
December 6, 2023

Professional, kind, compassionate are just a few words that describe the outstanding service we received from Wright Funeral Services. Ventnor guided us through every step and was always available to answer questions and offer support whenever we needed it.
Losing a loved one is most heartbreaking. It is obvious that Ventnor cares deeply about those whom he is aiding. We are grateful for all of the help Ventnor gave us during this most difficult time.
We stand in awe of the ministry God has given to the Wrights and of their faithful and diligent care for it. Their love for the Lord shines through everything they do and it is a powerful witness of His love.

Susie and Ralph Capriola
November 28, 2023

The staff was attentive towards the family. Excellent service shown towards her children. Ventnor and Leslie are great with the family’s needs.

Marie Huggins
October 20, 2023

Thank you Mr and Mrs Wright,
I know it took me awhile to find the right words to say. On behalf of my Mother in law myself and husband we would like to say THANK YOU. Thank you both very much for the love care thought friendship and compassion you both showed to us. Thank you for giving us the service my mother in law wanted. Thank you for making my father in law John Albert Johnson look like himself and as if he was sleep. He was SHARP just as he was here on earth. You both answered our calls and texts all hours of the night listened to us cry and supported us with everything. You both are amazing and a gift from God. Thank you for putting a wonderful pastor in our life not only did Pastor Matt Egleston give a fabulous service but he’s a great pastor. Thank you again for everything
With Love Gratitude and Blessing
Doris Johnson & Mary Moore

Doris Johnson & Mary Moore
October 15, 2023

Thank you Leslie and Ventnor; my mother looked so beautiful you both did an amazing job. The love and care you put into everything from the start. It is so important to work with patience and understanding. You both show that and that goes along way. I’m very grateful to you both cannot thank you enough for everything.

Gina Thomas
October 3, 2023

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wright,
Thank you, for helping us to remember our loved one in such a way that was pleasing to our eyes, hearts, and souls. Derek looked as if he was sleeping and that is the impression that will live on in our minds forever... Because it is so important to a grieving family and the service was phenomenal. Your dedication to detail is extraordinary. Moreover, you both have acknowledged that God is guiding your hands...

Amanda Buchanan Winkey
July 9, 2023

I cannot thank you two for the magnanimous, outstanding, beautiful, life like way you had my mother, Henrietta Jemison looking at her demise.

The assistance you gave my family was beyond helpful and outstanding. I felt like we received the same type of treatment that you would give your family. Some of the advise help given was probably personal; but it was ALL extraordinary helpful and useful.

My Mother looked like herself, Henrietta Jemison. She looked like she was laying there thinking with her eyes closed.

In addition to being helpful, you two were cordial, professional, flexible, and informative.

I am assigning you to handle my remains at my demise.

God Bless, Kenneth H. Bond

Kenneth H Bond
June 16, 2023

Today at Troy R. London funeral, May 18, 2023. I witnessed a miracle from God. He revealed to me and a few others how important the Wright Funeral Home is to the community of Coatesville. As I sat there during the service.
I felt the warmth of my grandmothers kitchen and that old potbelly stove and the smell of biscuits, cakes, and pies. I felt right at home. Somehow they made our grief bearable. I have sat through a many of funerals and each time Mr. and Mrs. Wright go beyond just doing their job, they become part of the grief experience of each family member and always brings the family to a place of peace and satisfaction...
Thank you...

Amanda Buchanan Winkey
May 18, 2023

Mother's Day Tribute 2022 was awesome. I just finished watching it online and it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks ever-so-much for the idea.

Diane Hubbard
May 8, 2023

I have watched so many of my family and friends go the way of the quite waters, and if it had not been for Mr. and Mrs. Wright's caring demeanor, I could not have made it through those painful feelings of loss. Moreover, you should know that choosing Wright Funeral & Cremation Services is the Right Choice...

Amanda Buchanan Winkey
May 5, 2023

Thank Wright’s for your care and professionalism shown to our family during our mother’s services.

The Westmoreland family

Sheena Westmoreland
April 20, 2023

Before I go to sleep, I can't forget to shout out to Wright Funeral Services for once again sending yet another loved one off the WRIGHT way lol.
And Tamika Curry-Morris for definitely being a shoulder to cry on you all did a wonderful job!!!! The set up was breath taking.
Wright Funeral Services are highly recommended.

Sha’Darah Andrews
April 8, 2023

Thanks again Mr Wright for your care and professionalism. Tuck was a good friend of mine and it's a good feeling to know I was there to help things go smoothly. The Imam also told me he was happy with how things turned out because he was good friends with him as well.

Br. Zaid
April 7, 2023

Wright Funeral Services did a great job with my grandmother's services. She was prepared very well for her homegoing. They transported her from home in a timely and respectful way. They were attentive to my needs as well as empathic to my family's loss. Everything went smoothly. I thank them for a job well done.

Laurie Folks
March 27, 2023

Mr. and Mrs. Wright,
We want you to know that we are grateful for your kind and considerate way. And we thank you for being so special. It means more than we ever could say.

The Ortiz family

Nina Ortiz
March 22, 2023

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wright and staff,
I could search a million years and could not find the appropriate words to express our deep and profound feeling of joy, in knowing that our loved one was was treated with the utmost respect in preparing him to go home. And the beautiful service was beyond anything we could have imagine.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Amanda Buchanan Winkey
March 20, 2023

Just wanted to thank you for all you did. You operated in excellence. Thanks again for everything 😊

Alisha McDougal
February 23, 2023

Our family was very pleased with the level service that was given to us in the recent passing of our brother in law. The Wrights paid close attention to our wants and anticipated our every need. When choosing this Funeral Home we made the Wright choice.

Virginia Patterson
January 10, 2023

Nobody wants to go thru this, but Ventnor Wright guided me thru it with the care and professional help I needed. He explained, and detailed what was happening and I appreciate everything he did.

Jack Beatrice
January 9, 2023

Both Mr. & Mrs. Wright were so professional, sympathetic, understanding, patient and took their time to explain things, answer all of my questions (some were bizarre). They did not rush me nor push me to purchase things as I have heard other businesses may do when cremation is involved.

Heather Clark
January 3, 2023

Thank you so very much for the beautiful reflection service you provided for me and my family. It was a very tough time for me and when I dropped the ball unable to put together the service for my son, you stepped in and provided a beautiful service. I am truly grateful for Wrights Funeral and Cremation Services .

Linda Walls & Family
December 20, 2022

Our family thanks you both so much for the services you provided to Derek Banks. We are eternally grateful to you both and staff for the kindness extended to us at this time of sorrow.
Angela Banks

Angela Banks
December 5, 2022

Ventnor and Leslie Wright and their staff showed great professionalism during a very difficult time for us. They made themselves available at all times during the process for any questions or requests we had. This relieved much of the anxiety knowing that things were being taken care of in a proper and professional manner.

Wright Funeral and Cremation Services made this experience effortless. From the initial contact to my mother's homegoing church service, they were cognizant of our family, our feelings, and were consistently compassionate. Outstanding Service...thank you

Darlene Jenkins Walls
March 16, 2022

Words can’t express the gratitude that I have for the services my family and I received from start to finish. Professionalism mannerism, dedication and punctuality were all present during our time of need, five out of five stars

Richelle Turner
January 15, 2022

I wish I could find the perfect way to thank you both for being so kind and thoughtful. Caring is such a part of who you two are. My husband would have been so very pleased with your wonderful blessing.

Thank you,
Kim Caleb

Kimberly Caleb
September 16, 2021

Many Thanks to the Wrights; a mighty duo in this city of Coatesville, PA. They are truly anointed & appointed to bless God's children during the hardest times one can endure. The lost of a loved one is traumatic to say the least, let alone thinking about how to lay them to rest in a loving & respectful way. This lovely and mindful couple, with open arms shown so much compassion straight from the door. They are God sent, so entrusting them with your loved one's final process is the right thing to do. Unspeakable peace has filled my soul and I'm grateful to declare; All is well with my soul, because of God and all His purposed saints who surrounded me with Agape' Love from the eternal place. Thank you very much to Wright Funeral & Cremation Service, Inc. Love, Peace, Hope, Faith and Joy!

Sharon Comfort
September 6, 2021

All though it has been several years since the passing of my son. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. and Mrs. Wright. For the professional, loving and caring way that they treated us all. At a very very difficult time in our lives. Saying thank you just doesn't seem adequate enough. However I shall continue to thank you both. From the bottom of my heart. I love you both and greatly appreciate you. God Bless you Forever..

Rev. Dana C Carter
September 5, 2021

Wright Funeral Home, thank you. I can't find the words to express how grateful we are for the care and the service you provided to my family during the lost of my baby brother Gary V. Alston. Death is never easy, and a sudden death seems to carry a heavier burden for the family, Your care of taking care of our brother, Gary, every detail. And genuine concern and care for my family, my 93 year old mother as well extraordinary. Thank you. You left no question unanswered, every small detailed we noticed. God bless.
I pray that God continues to bless you and your staff.

Paulette D. Alston-Lewis

Paulette Alston-Lewis
August 26, 2021

On behalf of my father, Walter P. Johnson and my sister, Patricia High, I want to take a moment to share this expression of gratitude to Wright Funeral and Cremation Services. The burden of preparing for the Homegoing of our mother, Priscilla M. Johnson was made easier to bear due to the genuine care and concern of Mr. and Mrs. Wright. They assisted us with every detail and understood the need for us to properly think through the process.
I sincerely pray that God will continue to use them in such a special way as they continue to minister to families during their most difficult time.

Pastor Walter H. Johnson, Jacksonville, FL
August 9, 2021

I can't say enough about the impeccable service and professionalism I received from Wright Funeral & Cremation Services. They made a trying and extremely hard situation possible when I was at my lowest. Mr. Wright and his wife were awesome and made this over whelming experience easy for me and my family. It was a good feeling to know my mom was in their care. there isn't enough gratitude and I can't say thank you enough. From the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate you all. 5 out of 5 Stars

Stacey Jackson
July 26, 2021

Thank you again for assisting my family in the homegoing of both my aunt Brenna Hicks and my father Harry L. Blakey, Sr.
May your ministry continue to be blessed. You are appreciated.
Katina Blakey-Bearden

Katina Blakey
June 24, 2021

Thanks for all you did for me and my family, the family of James “Soup” Walker. He looked so much like himself. You made the burden lighter for me and my family. May God bless you both. The compassion that you both have is very sweet.
Ivy Chase

Ivy Chase
June 18, 2021

I want to thank Ventnor for his kindness and generosity he has been so helpful and prompt in getting my husband taking care of we appreciate the dedication and empathy that he shares. God Bless!

Angela y Warren Sinmpkins
June 17, 2021

Thank you so much for your services.
Seeing mom so beautiful made me as well as my family very happy. You are a blessing!
Keep doing what your doing. Your work and professionalism is the best.
Again, thank you.

Mildred McCrumn Riley
June 17, 2021

I wanna thank Wrights funeral home for all that they do and done..much help when it comes to Families that don't know which way to start..Big Thanks to you all..

Michael Hines
June 5, 2021

I wanna thank Mr and Mrs Wright that did an amazing job on my mother Gloria l Hoggard -cotten in 2015.i will always recommend the wrights they do a fantastic job they made our family feel great about everything we needed.they are wonderful people love inana smith

Inana smith
June 5, 2021

Thank you so much for your promptness and excellent services.

Abdul Alladin
May 30, 2021

Thank you so much for your services during this rough time in our lives. Your truly go above and beyond.

The Brake Family
May 25, 2021

Mr and Mrs Wright went above and beyond for my son Phoenix. His memorial service was beautiful and I appreciate everything they’ve done. God bless both of you and thank you for being empathetic and understanding during my time of grief.

Tracina Boykin
May 13, 2021

The Wright Funeral Home helped my family and I deal with the unexpected loss of my brother. I had no idea where to start. Mr. and Mrs. Wright went above and beyond to help guide me in the process of funeral planning, while dealing with the pain of losing a loved one. They were available to answer my questions whenever I called and they were always patient and kind. At the service, Mrs. Wright and staff made sure everything ran smoothly and relieved my stress. I highly recommend the Wright Funeral Home to celebrate the life of a loved one that has passed. There are no words to express my thanks and gratitude.
LaMar "Tippy" Wilkins

LaMar "Tippy" Wilkins
May 3, 2021


April 22, 2021

We the family of Patricia E. Butler would like to express our most sincere "Thank you". Your experience, knowledge, and kindness was needed during a most difficult time for our family. We received numerous compliments on how everything was done so nicely. Again thank you so much.
The family of Patricia E. Butler

Tyrone Gould
March 13, 2021

Again I have nothing but good things to say about The Wright. We were treated with nothing but excellence during The most difficult time of our lives in the passing of our Mother Delores A. Gray. They were very patient and kind. They demonstrated the love for us just as we were their own family giving us nothing but the best . I even recommended a friend from out of state to help them for the funeral of her Mother. Thank you and God Bless you even the more. The Gray and Raison family.

Antionette Raison
January 29, 2021

Truly appreciate all that you did to assist us. Your compassion and kindness is immeasurable. Words cannot express our gratitude.
Susanne & Missy

Susanne J. Pooler
January 22, 2021

My funeral director, Ventnor Wright, was very kind, courteous and professional

Patsy Spady
January 8, 2021

We are grateful for the Love and Support you both have shown the entire Mary Ann Dickinson family during this difficult time.

From the Butler family
Peace and Love,
Sammy & Denice

Sammy & Denice Butler
December 30, 2020

We the family would like to thank you for your service. Even though our loved ones have passed some years ago, your funeral home assisted us with getting
markers for their graves. And for that we are very Thankful. My mother was very
happy to see the markers. You did such a wonderful job on all 4 of them. May God
continue to Bless and Keep you and your families.

The Family of Barbara Mallory, Jamalliah Grove, Roxanne Mack and Joseph
December 28, 2020

I cannot say enough about the Wrights. They provided homegoing services for my mother in 2017 and just recently for my father. They are professional and provide a level of love and care that is greatly needed at the time. Every detail was taken care of which gave my family great comfort. Thank you for your services!!

Jean Cunningham
November 22, 2020

Was very easy to work with. They understood all our needs and went out of their way to assist us.

Sandra Gracia
October 9, 2020

First-rate service with a critical eye to achieve customer satisfaction. The Wright's were very professional and courteous and took care of our family during the passing of our beloved mother. Most importantly, my mom's service was done right and I know she would have been pleased. Thank you very much!

Leroy Richardson
October 7, 2020

Thank you for the way you took care of my family during our time of need. You made this unpleasant experience easier to handle. Thank you very much

The Rivera Family
October 5, 2020

Wright’s provided over the top service all the way around

Brenda Cambridge
September 15, 2020

Mr. Wright was so compassionate with everything. He's a great guy.

Andrew Holmes, Jr
August 26, 2020

My husband's wishes were to be cremated. When he passed away I did not want to come out of my home during the coronavirus pandemic because I am at a high-risk age. I was able to fill out all the forms online. I was very pleased with their caring and professional service.

Joan Allen
July 3, 2020

First class from beginning to end.

Tom Middleton
July 1, 2020

Death is always un-welcomed and unexpected. My wife Lois A. Carr (Salimah) contracted the COVID 19 virus during her stay in a nursing home, she was transferred to Brandywine Hospital on 6/04/2020 where she continued to decline and expired on 6/08/2020 from COVID 19 complications. As per Islamic protocol, procedures were put in place to help make her transition to her final resting place within the shortest amount of time, because that is the Islamic practice and there is no embalming permitted in the Muslim burial. I was able to work with the Coatesville, Pa Masjid Imam Jamal (minister) and Mr. Wright, at Wright Funeral Services, Coatesville, Pa to have the necessary PPE equipment and barriers necessary to properly shroud her body. Once this was done, the Janazah (funeral) prayer was completed. After the prayer, family and friends followed the hearse to Fairview cemetery where she was properly buried. Because of the ease and professional proficiency provided by Mr. Wright and his wife the necessary arrangements including the burial were done in a day! This happened because Mr. Wright developed a relationship thru the years with the local Masjid and it's community. So much so, my wife’s last wishes were all granted, she was burial by the community she loved, the supportive funeral establishment which buried her friends, and her final resting place with others she worshipped with throughout the years. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Wright, for helping me, and this community throughout the years.

Respectfully submitted, and with much gratitude
Yusuf S. Saleem

Yusuf S. Saleem
June 11, 2020

Thank you so much for your wonderful services. We cannot thank you enough for taking good care of Dad & Mom, and the family.
God bless,
Judy, Steve, Holly & Matthew

Judy Smith
May 29, 2020

Mr. Wright's services were completed with great professionalism and in a timely fashion.

Rene A.
April 9, 2020

The time, patience and skill in preparing the online video was phenomenal. They were very accommodating and immediately made requested additions or changes. We received many compliments on their work (for both the funeral and the video).

Marsha London
April 3, 2020

I can't say enough about the Wright's. Very professional, understanding and kind. Their work is superior.

Georgianna H.
February 11, 2020

A sincere thank you to you, your wife and your staff for a great home going service for my brother Terry. We could not have done it without you. You will always have the highest recommendation from myself and my family.

Shelly Parks
January 13, 2020

We are more than greatful for the service you provided for my family. You were very professional and knew what your were doing. Thank you for spirit that you show in your business. You made us feel less stress and God is definitely using you. God bless you.

Antionette Raison
January 11, 2020

We could not have chosen a better Funeral Service to handle my mother's service. You were kind, compassionate, professional and caring. We are truly grateful for your services.

Brenda Cambridge
December 30, 2019

This was a beautiful uplifting home going service for Mommy... all the flowers were beautiful. Wright Funeral Services did a phenomenal over the top job! She would have been very happy..
God Bless All

Brenda Cambridge
December 12, 2019

Such great people with big hearts, so much compassion and love.

Judy Smith
October 29, 2019

The Wright funeral home are very professional compassionate people. They really earned that name because they are The Right ones. Just recently we lost our sister/sister in law and without them we really dont know how we would have gotten thru her sudden death. We appreciate them constantly checking on us and the customer service is Excellent. Thank you Leslie and Ventnor we LOVE you and appreciate you and all you have done and continue to do for our family. God bless your business!!

Lesly and Dennis Brown
October 6, 2019

Thank you for the stellar service that you rendered to my family for my brother Cornell Lloyd "Scruffy" Matthews. Great customer service is one of the most important traits a business should have. I rate you as a 10!

Paula L. Matthews
October 4, 2019

They are good people

Willie Rivers
October 1, 2019

Our family is grateful for your kindness. Your kindness will be long remembered.

The Clark Family
August 23, 2019

I want to thank you for making my mother's celebration so memorable and beautiful... not to mention NOT stressful. It was truly appreciated by all of us.

Carla Hunter & Family
August 11, 2019

Thank you for your thoughtfulness, your kindness, and your generous heart.
Thank you!
The Campbell's

The Campbell Family
August 2, 2019

On behalf of our entire family, it is our honor and privilege to express our sincerest gratitude to Wright Funeral & Cremation Services, Inc., for the extraordinary level of service, compassion and commitment to excellence recently demonstrated to the Kellum family.

Ventnor, Leslie and the entire staff gave of themselves unselfishly to help ensure every necessity was met or exceeded in order to guarantee a great celebration service for our loved one.

Their patience, responsiveness and boundless empathy, coupled with a willingness to be of service to the family in such an easygoing and relaxed way was quite heartening. The greatest compliment we can share is Wright Funeral Services did things the “Wright” way, with the “Wright” amount of professionalism, empathy and compassion. It was no small fete, but Wright Funeral Services made us feel like we were actually part of the Wright Family.

Thank you for a job well done!

Charlene Kellum-Jackson and Lillian Kellum-Thomas
July 15, 2019

Always were available to answer questions and very personable made you feel like family

Shirley Thomas
April 25, 2019

Polite and welcoming, patient and very kind!

Dana Gable
April 12, 2019

The Wright's provided excellent service to my family during our time of need. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and professionalism during the loss of our loved one. God Bless!

Talonda Rogers (McGibboney)
April 4, 2019

Ventnor and Leslie and their staff provided exceptional service. I have worked with several funeral directors in the area and they stand out above them all.

Doris Lambert
March 26, 2019

When I came here, I was greeted and serviced by Mrs. Leslie Wright. She was very welcoming and had a very calming and warm morale about her which made me very comfortable in opening up as to my reasons for being there. She was understanding and empathetic. She genuinely made me feel that what was important to me was in fact important to her as well. I left here with more than what I came for. I appreciate you and what you did for me. I thank you graciously. May God Bless you and the service you bring to others. THANK YOU!

Talonda Love
March 12, 2019

So many people I want to thank for a special Celebration Of Life service for my Mom today. I'm going to start right here with the services that Wright Funeral Services provided for me and my family. Professional service with an abundance of honest caring. I appreciate their whole staff for all that they did. From my Family to the Wright Family...We Thank You...

The Newsuan Family
February 23, 2019

Thank you so much for all of your kindness and respect. You have made our time of need much easier. We will always remember you for this.

The Monardo Family
February 19, 2019

Amazingly compassionate, helpful and informative in the handling of my husband's cremation.

Jolean Hemminger
February 15, 2019

Very professional and considerate to me and my family and I would refer their services to friends

Marian Thompson
February 14, 2019

With warm appreciation for all you've given of your time, your energy, and yourself.

Letitia Adair and Family
January 5, 2019

Mr. and Mrs. Wright, Y'all are just some good people. Y'all went further than above and beyond for us. Y'all just can't understand how grateful WE are to the both of U. With all the love, respect and understanding y'all have given us. THANK YOU!

Ervin Bryant
January 1, 2019

You went above and beyond what needed to be done.

Buddy Worthington
December 24, 2018

Wright funeral home did an amazing service during the time my mother was in their care. My family and I have used their services more than once.

They are compassionate and professional.

Thank you very much,

The Johnson and Fells Family

Carla Johnson
December 18, 2018

Wright Funeral & Cremation was outstanding and helpful during our time of need. I am forever grateful for their service and caring. I highly recommend them.

Cynthia Dunning
October 17, 2018

Wright Funeral Home made my family very comfortable and was very attentive to our questions and needs.

Sadie Morrison
October 10, 2018

Owner & wife were exceptionally professional & caring

Rhona Ingram
October 1, 2018

Our experience was excellent. A lovely couple.

Gail House
September 9, 2018


I just wanted to thank you both for the excellent service you provided for our dad's service. You both made the process much easier. It's so obvious that you both are very genuine and truly care. Even down to the follow messages..

Much love,
Tamra & J.R.

Tamra & J.R Bryant
September 7, 2018

I received the memorial video of my Dad yesterday... it was done beautifully! I will always be grateful for the kind understanding, professional help, service, and personal care. And thank you for making sure everything was done in a timely fashion.

Rhona Ingram
August 13, 2018

Ventnor & Leslie

On behalf of the family of Marquis Brandon, I would like to thank you for the professionalism, support, and kindness you extended towards me and my family during one of our most difficult times. May God continue to bless both of you!

Lorie Brandon

Lorie Brandon
July 7, 2018

On behalf of my entire family we would like to thank you and extend much gratitude for all you did for us as we mourned the loss of our dear mother. You both were very helpful and accommodating in every way. Words cannot express how pleased we were that all was kept within our wishes.

The Family of Reatha M. Tucker
April 2, 2018

My family and I deeply appreciated Mr. & Mrs. Wright's handling of our son's funeral.

Lester London, Sr.
March 29, 2018

I had a very good experience with them. I was treated with kindness, respect and love. God bless them all.

Joan Christian
February 26, 2018

Leslie & Ventnor,

We are forever grateful that God has placed you in our lives!
You are THE BEST!

The Family of Joan Virginia Foster
February 20, 2018

Hi Ventnor,

You and your staff were simply outstanding and I want to again say, "Thank you!"

Waymond Ray
February 15, 2018

Ventnor & Leslie, thank you so much for handling my brother Timmy's service, and for assisting us during the most difficult time in our life. Death leaves a void and its by God's grace and the compassion of people like you that help us to get through. You and Leslie went above and beyond.
Peace & Blessings,

Charlotte Wilson-Keller
January 27, 2018

I want to commend and thank Wright Funeral & Cremation Services staff for the compassionate and caring services they provided to my family during the loss of my Father. They provided exceptional and professional services along with prayers and support for my whole family in our bereavement. I highly recommend Wright Funeral & Cremation Services to anyone during their time of loss. The staff will really be a blessing as you go through a season remembering your loved one. Their services enabled us to provide my father with an honorable and glorious home going. Thank you Ventnor and your beautiful wife Leslie.

Jacquita Trowery
January 24, 2018

Again... your memorial videos are awesome!

Bonnie Harris-Dickinson
January 22, 2018

Just wanted to commend you on the "beautiful tribute to Mr. Don Peoples".

Bonnie Dickinson
October 24, 2017

Mr.and Mrs Wright, You truly have provided and performed above and beyond what was requested, expected and thought of in the most honoring way the care of our beloved father and services rendered to my sister and myself with such professionalism in the most warmest nurturing and thoughtful way. From the very beginning to the very end you completely expressed a fulfilled Ministry with much dedication and love. Thank you so much, so very much for all that you've done in guiding and comforting my sister and myself at this heavy time and thank you for bringing our vision into fruition. You truly went above and beyond and we are forever grateful to you. May the Lord continue to greatly establish and expand, to lead and guide you in your ministry and in all endeavors.

With much Love, Respect and Gratitude, Josephine E. Kenion, daughter of the late Isaac T Dennis.

Josephine Kenion
August 27, 2017

I would like to take a moment to THANK YOU! Your love, support and professionalism is greatly appreciated. I didn't know what I was doing, if I was coming or going. You guys stood by my side every step of the way. There isn't words that can explain my love or gratitude. Again, thank you! You are appreciated ❤️

Donyetta Stevens
July 7, 2017

It has been a pleasure dealing with Wright Funeral Home during the most difficult time of my life. The loss of my beloved mother was traumatic but the professionalism and compassion shown to my family was above expectations. Their availability and accessibility was superior. The genuine care and respect they provided to our family and our beloved mother was beyond reproach. I cannot begin to thank them for the lovely tribute we were able to extend to our deceased mother. I would not have been able to say goodbye in a better way than with the assistance of Wright Funeral Home.

Lisa S.
June 14, 2017

My son's demise was unexpected and the most painful event our family had to experience. Wright Funeral & Cremation Services did an outstanding job for our family at our time of loss and grief. They were thorough, professional, and very patient with us. They helped us with each step along the way. They offered suggestions and guided us when we were not sure of what to do or how to proceed. We are grateful, extremely thankful, for their friendly, yet professional services.

I only wish there were words to adequately express our gratitude for your very valuable knowledge and assistance.

Virginia Bass and Family
June 8, 2017

The Wright's are beautiful, caring people. They did an exemplary job when they handled the service for my daughter, Jamica Woods. They are kind, they don't push or rush you. They let you know all your options and let you decide what you need and if you ask them for advice, they are more than capable of giving it to you.
Today, they sat with me and helped me pre-plan my funeral, not the most pleasant thing to do, but they made it quite bearable. I would definitely recommend Wright Funeral & Cremation Services to anyone that loses a loved one.
Thank you Mr.and Mrs. Wright, God bless you!

Gloria J. Holos
May 25, 2017

Wright Funeral Services exceeded my expectations. I was pleased with the quality of the services, website notice, organization and planning of our mother’s home going, memorial details including the program design, urn selection, flowers and down to the detail video montage with musical accompaniment. After the memorial service, Wright Funeral Service reached out to let us know that they would be there for us should we need them.

I unequivocally want to recognize Wright Funeral Services. Service, Godly compassion and professionalism is paramount to the way the Wrights conduct business. I want the world to know much I appreciate the Wrights for helping me and my family through the most difficult time of our lives.

Veronica Hill-Milbourne, RN, MS, JD
May 23, 2017

We cannot express enough gratitude as you made the process manageable when we faced our darkest time. Mr. and Mrs. Wright you both were very loving, professional, thorough and simply wonderful. Our mother looked absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for all you did for the Robinson family.

Kimberly Robinson
May 20, 2017

You all helped make our difficult time of mourning not so stressful.

Lonnie & SherriJo
May 3, 2017

You are beautiful people. I can't thank you enough for helping us lay my Daddy to rest so beautifully. You were very kind, caring and professional.

May 2, 2017

Over the past few weeks, I had the opportunity to reflect on James' Celebration of Life Service. All I can say, what an amazing celebration. The service was a true reflection of James' life.

Thank you for capturing my vision perfectly. Thank you for exceeding my expectations. Thank for executing every detail with such elegance and class. Thank you for going out of your way to make sure the smallest detail was taken care of.

I loved every touch…. the engraved casket, the custom made register book, the banner, the obituary, the bookmarks, the thank you cards, the beautiful blanket, the video, and the beautiful crystal keepsakes.

Your professionalism and care for people is to be commended.

I am forever grateful.

Crystal Depte
April 8, 2017

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Wright,
On behalf of my entire family, we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for arranging our brother's final journey home. We were extremely happy with his appearance, he looked so much like his natural self. You were all so very helpful and this made our loss less stressful. I would gladly recommend your services to others in need. Everything you provided was greatly appreciated.
Loretta Canada and the Marrow Family

March 27, 2017

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Wright. I wanted to thank you for you being there to help me through one of the most difficult times in my life. From the first time you came to my home, the night my husband died, you were caring, kind, understanding, professional and you just took so much of the responsibilities off my shoulders. Your suggestions were all so appreciated, especially the military part of the service. Can not tell you how much my family was impressed with your personal touch. God Bless You Both. Carol Reddington

Carol Reddington
October 18, 2016

Thank you is not enough to say to Mr. Wright. He and his family will always be in my prayers.

Patricia Marino
April 19, 2016

Mr. & Mrs. Wright were very friendly and attentive to the family. Anytime I had a question or didn't understand some of the paperwork I had, he always made sure everything was clear. They even checked on us after everything was over. I would recommend them to others. I will always remember the time he took to focus on all of my needs and concerns.

Nora Bush
March 29, 2016

My deepest, sincere thanks and appreciation to Wright Funeral and Cremation Services.
Thank you for taking such good care of Calvin. It helped my heart-break and sorrow to entrust Calvin in your care.
Your standards are high and you pay attention to every small detail. The love of God shines through both Ventnor and Leslie. The result is professional, kind and compassionate service. Thank you again and God bless both of you! - Donna Rowland

Donna Rowland
March 27, 2016

Words can't express how much we appreciate your services. You are very gifted at what you do. From start to finish, everything was handled so graciously. We say thank you. Job well done!
God Bless

The Roberts Family
March 15, 2016

The Wright Funeral Services are very professional with no drama, very comforting...
During the family viewing we were welcomed and accepted along with the family of Mr. Arnold Bailey. Doug and myself were received with open arms and we appreciated the welcome.
Henrietta/ Doug Artis

Henrietta C. Artos
February 14, 2016

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the outstanding services and professionalism that Wright Funeral Services provided for our dearly beloved family member Alvin T. Jones. We highly recommend their services.

Hodan, Romulus, Carolyn, and Cynthia
June 22, 2015

Wright Funeral Services provided my family an exceptional service. They provided a personal touch which was genuine and above and beyond my expectations. Words cannot explain how grateful I am for your kindness and thoughtfulness. I wanted to honor my brother's homecoming and was on a tight budget. The level of service included compassion and it was very meaningful to my family. I could not have received this level of quality anywhere else. Thank You for providing service the "Wright Way"
-The Delgado Family

Melissa Morales-Delgado
May 26, 2015

I must agree, Wright Funeral Services is one of the most professional Funeral Services around. I will also add, the past Funeral Directors of the building, Mr. & Mrs. Leon K. Prout would be very proud of the services being carried out.

Henrietta Artis
May 14, 2015

Thank you for carrying out the vision for my wifes services. It was very classy, as she lived her life. Mr and Mrs.Wright and staff you all were very professional and comforting. God bless your business

Andre Cooper
May 11, 2015

The memory book was excellent. Love the DVD of my loved one. The blanket was excellent. Love the idea. Programs done very well. I was well pleased

Ms. Buchanan

As we were leaving the cemetery on Saturday, my wife and I were discussing what a beautiful tribute had been paid to a wonderful and most deserving gentleman. Our discussion also centered around the outstanding and professional job you and your staff had done.
You did an outstanding job directing so many people. Your artistic touch of building the cross on the casket at the cemetery was very touching and added even more to an already beautiful tribute.

Mr. Hanna

Words can not express the way I feel about your kindness and care for the homegiong of my dad. I have never been to a viewing or a funeral and felt so much comfort. My daddy looked so great and it just felt right. I just wanted to send a personal thank you. I have ever known. Your attention and care and quality of work was just wonderful and impressive. Thank you for a service well done.

Ms. Fair

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to you and your staff for a wonderful homegoing service for my mother. She would have been very pleased with all that took place before, during and afterwards. You run a very warm and professional service.
Pease & Blessings

Mr. Blaylock

Thank you for your patience, kindness, during and after the funeral.

Ms. Hubbard

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you and your staff did with our aunt’s services. And to let you know how nice her gown looked and how beautiful she looked. Thanks again for all you hard work.

The Peters Family

Thank you so much for your help with my mother’s cremation and the memorial service. You both have been such a pleasure to do business with. You have a wonderful spirit. Thank you for being caring and efficient as well. You made this processes easy for me and my family. Thank you again!! You have been great and I am sure my mom is pleased.
God Bless

Ms. Brown

I just wanted to voice my appreciation for the thoughtful and caring way you handled the interment of my parents. Your kindness was so meaningful to us. I loved the memorial card and felt like you dipped into my heart to select the perfect poem. Thank you for the wonderful way you helped us close a door of love, in love.

Ms. Clements (Betsy’s sister)

Thank you for making our family feel welcome into your family and for being helpful and understanding at our time of need. We thank you and your staff for being truly wonderful. Thank you for making our memorial a place where people could gather and say goodbye to our beloved family member.

Deepest Gratitude,

The Minguela Family

Thank you for everything you did for me.

Ms Haymaker

Words cannot express how thankful and appreciative we are for all you did for our family during this difficult time. You handled everything professionally and were compassionate, which helped us deal with our brother’s death. You went above and beyond what we expected and for everything, we are grateful.

The Butler family
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