Simple Basic Cremation Package

If you are looking for a simple basic cremation with no viewing or wake, no service and no hassle you’ve come to the right place. It is becoming one of the most requested cremation options.

Cremation has become the most common form of final disposition of human remains in North America. The cremation process reduces the body to a powdery substance called “ashes” or “cremains”.  After the cremation the ashes can be placed in an urn and can be buried in a cemetery plot or niche.  Click here to shop for urns, keepsakes & jewelry. Some families choose to keep the urn with ashes in their home or plan a time to properly scatter them in a special place.

Direct cremation is chosen when there is no desire to have a viewing or gathering of family and friends. The deceased person is taken into our care and cremated without having a viewing or service. The ashes, or cremains, are usually kept by the next of kin or designated person, and placed into a personally selected permanent urn.

Due to the finality of cremation, the actual cremation process can not occur until all necessary authorizations from the next of kin or legal representative for the next of kin, medical examiner or county coroner have been obtained.  Cremation can not occur within 24 hours from the time of death.

Our Simple Basic Cremation fee is $1895 which includes: 

    • Local removal of deceased from place of death and transportation into our care
    • Obtaining the necessary authorizations from the next of kin
    • Validation of next of kin and the deceased
    • Filing the Death Certificate
    • One (1) Certified Death Certificate
    • Notifying Social Security Administration
    • Online obituary
    • The actual cremation process
    • A temporary container for the cremated ashes
    • Presenting the ashes to the next of kin or designated person

    Fee does not include: additional Certified Death Certificates, newspaper obituary notices, memorial items or permanent urn. However, they can be obtained at an additional cost.  Medical examiner or coroner cremation permit fee is not included.

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