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Simple Basic Cremation Package

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Cremation is the second most common form of final disposition of human remains in north America. The cremation process reduces the body to a powdery substance called “ashes” or “cremains”. After the cremation the ashes can be placed in an urn and can be buried in a cemetery plot or niche. Some families choose to keep the urn with ashes in their home or plan a time to scatter them in a special place.

Cremation can occur after a viewing, funeral wake, home going celebration or before a memorial service.

To help families make informed decisions, we take the time to educate our customers on the cremation options and the merchandise we offer such as cremation urns, urn vaults, keepsake urns and other containers.

Cremation Options

The following is a listing of cremation services most requested:

 Direct cremation

This selection occurs when there is no desire to have a viewing or gathering of family and friends.  The deceased person is taken into our care and cremated as soon as is legally possible and without any type of extended service.  The ashes, or cremains, are usually kept by the next of kin or a designated person, and placed into a personally selected permanent urn.

Private farewell with a cremation

This option, similar to direct cremation, is chosen to give loved ones, the immediate family of the deceased, a 30-minute opportunity to say goodbye prior to the individual being cremated.  During this farewell time, the deceased is not in a casket or cremation container unless one has been selected by the family.

 Cremation with a memorial service

With this selection, as with the direct cremation option, the deceased person is cremated first and a time and place of gathering is planned for the purpose of family and friends to assemble together to reminisce, tell stories, and celebrate a loved one's life.


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Memorial service with a burial of cremains following the service

This selection involves the actual burial of the cremated remains.  Usually this will occur after the memorial service has taken place, either on the same day or at another time.

Traditional funeral with a viewing and cremation following the service

This service is selected when there is to be a viewing/visitation and funeral service held publicly either at the funeral home, church or place of your choice.  Thus the cremation takes place instead of a traditional burial.  And like the memorial service, this ceremony permits family and friends to gather together to remember, honor, and to celebrate the life of your loved one.

*Please note that with any of the above selections, due to the finality of cremation, the actual cremation process itself can not occur until 24 hours after the time of death and all necessary authorizations from the next of kin, county coroner or medical examiner have been obtained.

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