Candlelight Memorial Ceremony 2021

A Memorial Candle Lighting Ceremony
will be held
DECEMBER 10, 11 & 12
Wright Funeral & Cremation Services, Inc.
725 Merchant Street
 Coatesville, PA 19320

During this season families need a special way
   to remember their loved ones. We are inviting
   you to come join us. We look forward to
   seeing you.

Ventnor & Leslie Wright

We have invited several families to participate. Please RSVP on our website by December 1st.

When you arrive, sign in and confirm your
loved one’s name to be called during the ceremony.

Masks are required, children are welcome,
parking is limited and there is handicap access.

RSVP Candlelight Ceremony 2021
Name of family representative or next of kin
Contact phone number
Our family would like to light a candle in memory of:
First, Middle, Last and nickname, if applicable
If you choose, a photo can be included in a video slideshow at the ceremony.
If there is only one date to choose from, the other days are not available at this time.
For seating purposes, how many people
What is the best way we can remind you of the service?
Put your cell, phone number or email address here.
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